Joe Biden’s True Motives Revealed!

Well, it’s been a long year, but we finally think we know Joe Biden’s true motives. Why would he run for president if he knew that he would be suicided by his running mate days later? The obvious answer is to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet. We at PoliSauce have confirmed this in a series of interviews with well-known anonymous sources deep within the White House.

The first interview we conducted was with renowned anonymous source, (Redacted.) He confirmed our initial suspicions when he said, “Yep. He’s after the Gauntlet. This is a legitimate concern you should take very seriously. Also, I am a real person.”

Our suspicions were increased further with our second interview with the world-famous anonymous source, Mr. (Redacted.) When asked about the possibility of Joe Biden trying to obtain the Gauntlet, he replied with “Yep. Also, I am an informed and educated individual who definitely does not work for PoliSauce.”

After these interviews, we did some deep research into Joe Biden’s political activities and accomplishments, and found nothing. We have no choice but to assume he snapped his fingers and half of his entire political career disappeared. This would also explain 50 percent of all conservative posts on Facebook disappearing in a gust of wind. The mounting evidence can not be ignored any longer. Joe Biden is probably Thanos.

At publishing time, sources confirmed that Kamala Harris bears a striking resemblance to a creature made of rocks, as Joe Biden consistently refers to her as, “You know, the Thing.”

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