5 ways to go scuba diving:

1: Only take one breath.

When people tell you a story about the time they went scuba diving, they always tell you that they had to fill their puff puff tank before diving so the evil flowing liquid won’t disintegrate your insides.

2: Just drink it.

If you’re scuba diving and you accidentally ingest the evil flowing liquid, just simply swallow it and take another breath. This will allow you to go for another 10 seconds before you have to take another breath. (Unless you’re one of those gifted people that can hold their breath for 10,000 hours…he whispered comically.)

3: Bring a disco ball with you.

Something else you should consider bringing with you in the ocean is a disco ball. Now people might tell you that this is pointless and maybe a little dangerous. But still do it cause what could possibly happen from bringing a SUPER shiny and SUPER reflective object into the water.

4: Bring red dye with you.

This won’t necessarily benefit your trip but you could pull A LOT of fun pranks with red dye in water.


When you go on an underwater expedition with your puff puff tank into the evil flowing liquid, the next cool thing is a selfie with a SHARK!! Find a shark..grab it’s mouth..pry it open..stick your head in and say….fish are friends not FOOD!!

Well there ya go, 5 ways to go scuba diving. I hope you use these tips the next time you go on an underwater expedition. Have a great day and we’ll see y’all tomorrow morning for more.

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