McDonald’s Unrolls New “Dead Cow and Potatoes” Meal

McDonalds has been gaining serious traction for its recent “Spicy McNuggets” and “Triple Cheeseburger” menu additions. However, they’ve truly been saving the best for last. There’s no beating this ridiculously tasty offer from the Golden Arches.

The “Dead Cow and Potatoes” option will feature a dead cow sandwich, which will contain a dead cow patty, two cucumbers soaked in vinegar, ketchup, mustard, and processed cheese product. The dead cow sandwich will be accompanied by some fried potato slices, which are mass-produced in a factory full of sweaty middle-aged men and shipped to McDonald’s.

Thirsty? No problem! McDonalds has you covered. In addition to your Dead Cow and Potatoes, you can opt for a value meal, which comes with the aforementioned items, plus a fountain beverage! Nothing beats carbonated water mixed with a box of syrup from the McDonalds kitchen. Beat the heat with this amazing offer!

Well, what are you waiting for? Get your Dead Cow and Potatoes Value Meal today, while supplies last! (Or before the cow spoils.)

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