5 ways to deal with getting pulled over:

1: Always answer “Yes!”

When you get pulled over, the police officer will ask you a few questions such as, do you have any boom boom sticks? Any Stabbie McJaggers? Always answer honestly, regardless the question. ESPECIALLY about the green stuff, never lie about having green stuff.

2: Dance.

When the police officer asks you to remain still in your vehicle, open your door and challenge the officer to a Macarena dance off. You can’t get in trouble for dancing. If he doesn’t want to dance the Macarena then do the electric slide, because that’s the dance you’ll end up doing after you get tased for getting out of your vehicle.

3: Yell SHOTGUN!!!

If the officer asks you to step out of your vehicle and places you under arrest, run off towards his car and yell “SHOTGUN!!!” This is indicating that you want to ride front seat cause the back seat is for losers.

4: Strike up a conversation:

When a police officer pulls you over, something you should do is start a good conversation. This could let the police officer know that you’re just trying to be a nice guy, and if he gets annoyed and pulls out his taser, ask him this:

“What’s that supposed to do?”

He’ll be more than happy to show you.


When a police officer pulls you over and he asks for papers, shout “SCISSORS! I WIN,” and speed off. Speeding off will also give you a chance to beat that speed record you’ve been trying to beat for a while.

Well there ya go, 5 ways to deal with getting pulled over. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Take these tips and use them the next time you get pulled over.

Happy dealing with getting pulled over.

Disclaimer: Don’t actually use these tips, it will make life harder.

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