Aliens are real! They’re just mad at us!

Here’s the story about why we don’t see aliens at ALL anymore!

It started back in the olden days of 1990, when people rode in wagons being transported way across the land! The only sport back then besides churning your own butter or making your own cheese…was to sit on your porch and look for aliens!!! Now people today claim they see aliens but nobody believes them. Well, this article will explain why. Back then, on a warm Sunday evening, a guy with a Santa beard and a belly that looked like a bowl full of Canadian bacon,was sitting on his porch enjoying the night sky, when all of a sudden BAM!! A UFO CRASHED IN HIS YARD!!! The old man went to check it out, and he saw it was an alien! The alien had a mission to find out if aliens…or humans are smarter. They held the competition in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a spelling contest! The first word was “cow.” The alien tried to spell it. “C.A.O.W.” “WRONG!” The host shouted. The human then spelled it: “C.O.W.”

The host answered, “Unbelievable!!! C.O.W. IS CORRECT!!!! The next word is “Blue.” The alien tried spelling it. “B.L.O.O.”

“WRONG!!!!!!” The host screamed. The human gave it a shot. “B.L.U.E.” The host answered, “UNBELIEVABLE!!! B.L.U.E IS CORRECT!!!!” The alien stormed off and and yelled as he was leaving, “IN EXACTLY 30 YEARS AND 8 MONTHS INTO THE 30TH YEAR, WE SHALL RETURN AND HOLD ANOTHA SPELLING CONTEST TO SEE IF MANKIND HAS EVOLVED!” He stormed off into his ship and left the humans in awe of his existence.

And that, my friend, is why we don’t see aliens today. That’s also why people are claiming that they’re seeing aliens in this year of 2020, because they believe that it’s the time for them to return for that rematch in a spelling contest!

Thank you for your attention this morning. I hope you all have a blessed day, and always keep your head up. Because…there COULD be aliens up there! And it COULD be their time to return for that rematch! (Dramatic music cue!)

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