5 ways to bake a cake!

If you’re an aspiring baker and you want to bake another cake, take these helpful tips and use them for that next time.

1: Never forget yeast

When baking a cake, NEVER forget the YEAST!!! The yeast is like the spoon to cereal. The fork to lasagna, the chainsaw to the TREE, THE CHICK-FIL-A SAUCE TO WAFFLE FRIES!!!!!!! What I’m trying to say is…YA NEED YEAST!!!!! Yeast is what gives that cake that “dome” look and that rise in the oven. After all, the flour can’t do all the work! It does enough work in the spring making people sneeze because of COVID. The flour needs help.

2: Don’t put in any less than 10 eggs:

When you’re baking a cake, the second most important ingredient is the eggs. The eggs are like the Infinity Stone to the Gauntlet. The baby Yoda to the MANDOLORIAN, THE HAAAND TO LUKE SKYWALKER!!!!!! What I’m saying is…eggs are important. You can’t have a cake without at least 10 eggs. Eggs are pretty important…just ask Arnold.

3: Don’t add water, instead, add vinegar.

If you prefer that sour lip-puckering flavor and feeling in your mouth over water, then VINEGAR IS THE SUPPLEMENT FOR YOU!!!! You see, vinegar had an ingredient in it called nomoretaste. This will get rid of that eggy taste your cake may have…And may also incinerate your taste buds.

4: Oil is oil.

When you’re baking a cake, the next important ingredient is oil. Now it may be motor oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, avocado oil…you get the point. But if you cover up the name part of the oil, then it’s all really just oil, so it doesn’t matter what you use! As long as it’s oily.

5: Add at least 1 cup of salt.

Salt is another VERY important ingredient. Now, salt is very tricky. It’s kinda like the…bull to the biscuits,the cow to the chicken, THE SANDWICH TO THE POTATO!!! What I’m trying to say is…SALT IS POINTLESS IN SOMETHING THAT’S SWEET!!!

So remember you don’t have to add salt unless you are a weirdo. Remember that!

Well there ya go, 5 ways to bake a cake. I hope that you take these tips and use them next time you bake a cake, and remember…STOP…ANYONE…


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