Research Shows Subscribing To PoliSauce Is The Key To Happiness

There is much speculation on the “key to ultimate joy.” Many people have tried money, food, exercise, and fame. All through history there have been legends about places like the fountain of youth. However, recently there was a breakthrough. S. Gorden, E. Gallagher and a few of their friends discovered an equation that has begun and will continue to rock the world. The website known as PoliSauce is a wonderland of satirical humor, which is sure to brighten your day, or at least make you think about the world in a different light. Dr. Ramon Dias made a statement in early May, shortly after the “humor haven” was released to the public. He said, “PoliSauce has all the qualities expected for the key to happiness. There is humor, yet truth in its own hyperbolic and satirical way.” He went on to say that PoliSauce has brought a smile to many people across the globe. Including places such as France, The UK, The Netherlands, Australia, Canada, The USA, and even the kingdom of Eswatini.*

At publishing time, the Doctor noted that sharing the website with friends will complete your happiness, as it is “more blessed to give than to receive.”

*Actual Statistics based on the websites viewers

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