5 best diets for weight loss

Do you struggle with weight loss? Do you want to drop a couple hundred pounds? If this is you, look no further because here is a list of five diets that will ensure you almost instantly lose weight.

1. The juice diet

If you eat/drink nothing but juice you will lose anywhere from 1-15 pounds in the first day! If you continue this diet for longer, you will become as skinny as a skeleton. A potential side effect of the juice diet is being weak from lack of protein but it’s worth it if you are really determined to be glamorously skinny.

2. The skins/peelings diet

This is a high fiber diet consisting of only the skins or peelings of fruits and vegetables. This diet might take a little longer to show results than the juice diet, due to the fact that it is slightly more substantial.

3. The fruits and nuts diet

Squirrel lovers unite! This is your chance to eat the same as our furry friends. This diet consists of only nuts and fruits but due to the fact that it is way more substantial than the aforementioned diets you will be restricted to only eating a 1/4 cup of your choice of fruits or nuts per day. Remember, however, you are what you eat.

4. The protein shake diet

If you don’t like fruits, vegetables or nuts then this diet is perfect for you, as it consists entirely of protein shakes. If you follow this diet you will be able to fulfill your cravings for sweets as well as dropping a few pounds.

5. The water diet

This diet is the least expensive of all. Simply drink water only and you will be skinny and fabulous in no time!

So there you have it! If you follow these diets you are sure to lose several pounds. Just ignore that nagging pain in your stomach and don’t think about the headache and dizziness you might be experiencing, it doesn’t matter. Just stick to it and you’ll probably be skinny before your funeral.

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