The View Shown To Cause Cancer In The State Of California

A somewhat surprising announcement was made by the California Department of Health this past week. It appears that the political show “The View” has been shown to cause brain cancer, as well as ADHD, Siezures and Brain Anurysms. Dr. Felix Haydad, of the CDH, made this statement. “Multiple studies have concluded that the main cause of mental illness and diseases related to the mind in general in this nation are directly related to the political cesspool of quote-unquote “thought” that is headed by Whoopi Goldberg and her cronies.” He went on to explain that several subjects went into immediate shock when they saw the fat blobs of illogical ideology shown on the televisions. Others suffered from Seizures. A few souls seemed to be able to withstand the effects, however, they developed brain cancer, and those who survived that turned into Democrats and were doomed to a life of believing brainless ideologies. There were a few, however, that were immune, such as Conservatives, Christians, and the majority of Police officers.

At publishing time, two antidotes had been found. Namely:The Ben Shapiro Show, and an epic website called PoliSauce. (It has been rumored that PoliSauce is about to post a list of guidelines to help combat this before it happens.)

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