5 Ways to be More Productive

Is your schedule full every day? Can you feel all the things you need to do weighing heavily on you? If this describes you in any aspect of your life, you’ve come to the right place because we here at Polisauce have compiled a list of 5 ways you can be more productive.

1. Never wake up before 10:00 A.M.

You should never under any circumstance wake up before 10 o’clock in the morning. Studies have shown that waking up before 10 makes people tired and less likely to accomplish the tasks they have to do that day. If you wait until 10 to get out of bed you will feel more alert and slightly rushed so you will hurry to accomplish your tasks for that day. If your work shift starts sometime before 10, simply let your boss know that you won’t be there until noon every day. Your boss will respect you for trying to be healthy and do the best for your body.

2. Spend at least 5 hours on your phone every day

You should always spend lots of time on your phone. It doesn’t matter what you do, anything from playing games to scrolling through social media is acceptable. It is important to connect with friends and keep up with the latest Kartrashian gossip so make sure you spend as much time as possible on your phone. If you can’t spend as much time as you would like on your phone, make sure you make up for that by watching plenty of TV.

3. Take a vacation whenever you want to.

If you’re tired of your boring life of sleeping and being on electronics all day just take a vacation! It doesn’t matter if you go to the Bahamas or simply stay a couple weeks in a local hotel. Take plenty of time for self care.

4. Do what makes you happy.

It’s pretty self explanatory really, do whatever you want whenever you want. Just make sure you don’t get caught.

5. Never take steps to ‘improve’ yourself.

You are awesome so don’t let anyone tell you differently. You really don’t need to lose that extra 300 pounds or take care of that giant wart on your toe. You are beautiful no matter what! So stop exercising and trying to create good habits, and go get yourself a couple hundred pizzas. You definitely deserve it!

So there you have it! 5 ways to be more productive. Come back for more awesome tips on how to improve your life!

One thought on “5 Ways to be More Productive

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