Sour Patch Kids May Encourage Violence

According to recent studies conducted by Harvard, the consumption of the candy known as Sour Patch Kids may encourage violence. The main theory is that the consumption of human-like objects decreases the value of life in the consumers mind, while also glorifying cannibalism. According to Dr. Fredrick Meshila, the candy’s shape, combined with the sugar levels and good taste make people, especially young children and teens, more likely to commit violent acts, such as murder, armed robbery, and beating a smaller, more vulnerable person up for their candy. He went on to mention that gingerbread men have also had this effect, which is why they are not nearly as popular as they were just a few decades ago. At publishing time, The Mars candy company was being sued, as it was noted that the candy bar known as Snickers encourages crimes and misdemeanors because the perpetrator can claim that they “weren’t themselves because they were hungry.”

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