Protester Shoved to the Ground After Jumping on Top of Policeman’s Head Repeatedly

A deadly use of force was seen in Houston, Texas, this past Friday. Fred Jackson, 23, was seen throwing Molotov cocktails into buildings like every other scumbag at the riots. Reportedly, he walked toward a policeman, jumped above his head in an amazing display of agility, and landed directly on top of him. He then proceeded to jump up and down on the policeman’s head.

But that’s not the worst part: the policeman actually SHOVED the man to the GROUND. Yes, that’s right! He actually shoved a lawbreaking pile of living, breathing manure to the ground! What has this world come to?!! We must defund the police because of these bitter acts of hatred and racism. (Jackson was 1/1,057th Native American.)

Nancy Pelosi is spearheading a movement to ban solid floors. “We need to build weaker, more vulnerable floors so as to preserve human life. I hate the police. And white people. And straight people. And the police are intolerant.” Said Pelosi at a recent press conference. Time will tell how many months she has to live.

At publishing time, Roadrunner cartoons were under heavy scrutiny for including roads, which have cars on them that destroy the environment and will plunge the human race into extinction.

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