5 tips you should always follow when doing construction, demolition, or logging

Well, it’s happened, you are a person ready to pursue work in the trades, but you don’t know how! That’s why we here at Polisauce have put together these 5 tips you should ALWAYS follow for a successful career.

  1. When chopping down a tree, yell “Timber!”

Yelling “Timber” is a must when chopping trees, it doesn’t matter how quietly you say/yell it, people will always get out of the way. Well, almost always, we have conducted studies that show 1 second is the minimum amount of time you can give someone to jump out of the way before the tree hits them.

  1. Don’t wear hard hats.

A common mistake is that hard hats actually help protect your head from hazardous materials raining down from the sky, for instance, a falling tree. Your co-worker has given you 0.56 seconds to jump out of the way, but wait, you have your hard hat on, shouldn’t that help you? The answer is no, hard hats add weight to the item falling on your head, thus, increasing the chance that the thing falling from the sky will crush your skull.

  1. Never ever wear safety vests. 

You should always avoid wearing safety vests. When you wear your safety vest, you attract attention to yourself. Yes, this may stop a car from hitting you, but when you are wearing the vest, you will ultimately attract the attention of any murderer, serial killer, and/or kidnapper who happens to be driving by. So, in the long run, you will be much safer if you just forget your brightly colored safety vest and go for a nice earthy tone instead.

  1. If the job looks hard, don’t do it.

You will definitely feel much better about yourself if you take a look at your job and automatically quit, rather than trying and failing. You will also gain immense favor with your boss once he/she sees your amazing work ethic, making them want to hire you for future tasks.

  1. Make all structures very unstable.

Everyone needs a backup plan. For instance, you just finished your brand new house, but you decide you want it to be two more inches to the right, now, you have to demolish the whole building and start from scratch. If you follow the tip we have just given you, the project at hand will be much easier, you will simply have to wait for a strong wind and the house will be done, this leaves you with simply rebuilding it two inches to the right. If you didn’t follow our tip, good luck!

And there you have it, 5 tips that will ultimately lead to a successful career in construction! We hope these help you, make sure to come back to Polisauce for more ways to improve your life!

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