Hispanics ace Spanish tests

Recent studies have shown that Hispanics local to Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, or any number of Spanish speaking countries are 99% more likely to ace a Spanish test than native English speakers. This was thought to be due to the vast number of Spanish speakers in these countries, but, a study done by Professor Juan José, a 5 time, award-winning professor from the University of Spain, has shown that this is actually due to their superior school systems. “Why that’s absurd!” you may think. But think about it like this, If Hispanics are better at speaking Spanish than most of the population of the United States, and are 99% more likely to succeed during a test of this language, then their schools must be doing a better job of teaching them said language. This is why Americans should be taught Spanish from a young age, have mandatory Spanish lessons every day, and have available tutors around the clock.

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