5 Best Parenting Strategies

Are you a new parent, who struggles to do the best you can for your child but doesn’t quite know if you are doing it right? Or maybe you’re not a new parent but the parenting strategies you read about everywhere just aren’t working for you. Either way, you’re in luck because we at Polisauce have compiled a list of the 5 best parenting strategies guaranteed to work on the even the most stubborn child.

  1. Always give your child what they want.
    You must never make your child unhappy because they will end up resenting you, and rebel against anything you have tried to teach them. According to recently published research, “Children who’s parents give them everything they want grow up to understand the value of things and always remember that their parents worked hard for them and loved them.”
  2. Always Treat Your Child as Though They are Your Best Friend.
    If you always treat your child as though they are your best friend and not your child, they will love you and never fear getting in trouble because they know that you will think their actions are clever and laugh with them about it as true best friends always do.
  3. Never Punish Your Child.
    Most parents mistakenly believe that punishment (in various forms) will teach their child that there are consequences for their actions. However, this is not the case. Research shows that punishing your child makes them sad and damages them emotionally. Therefore, parents should always strive to make their children happy so they won’t grow up to be psychos.
  4. Never Say No.
    This goes hand in hand with always giving your child what they want. Keep in mind that if your child asks you for something or wants to do something, there is a reason. Saying no will only make them feel you don’t value their opinions or ambitions and stifle their creativity. For instance, if your son is convinced he is Superman and wants to test his superpowers by jumping off the roof, let him. (Make sure before he does that you have placed mattresses and trampolines all around the house so he won’t hurt himself.)
  5. Never Let Your Child Get Hurt Physically.
    Children get hurt a lot these days, so one of your main goals as a parent should be to make sure they never hurt themselves. You should always hover around your child and make sure they don’t fall down, scrape their knees, or suffer any pain whatsoever. Encourage your child to spend as much time indoors and never under any circumstances let them play sports.

    So there you have it! The 5 best parenting strategies. Remember, your job as a parent is to create a safe environment for your child so they will be completely unprepared for the real world as well as fat because you never say no to letting them eat sugar and other completely unhealthy stuff.

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