Tree Of the Knowledge of Good and Evil May Have Produced Big Macs

A very surprising announcement came from a recent study conducted by theologians this past week. It appears that the forbidden fruit on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil may have been surprisingly close to todays Big Mac!

Dr. Robert Baker and his team were in the middle of a study on how highly nutritious foods interact with the brain, and found that when people ate good things, like spinach, apples, and carrots, they had almost no reaction mentally. At first, it was assumed that this is because healthy foods are generally tastless, but when the volunteers tried the Big Mac, the sensors in their brains lit up. Again, it was immediately surmised that this was because of the mouthwatering taste of the calorie bomb, but when studied closer, the parts of the brain it affected were the same as the natural conscious we all possess. Much of this may have to do with the insane amounts of artificial deliciousness that may have been inspired by the Devil himself. Also, if you eat too many, as in one or more, you shall probably die. Based on this, it has been concluded that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil may have produced a more heavenly version of the sandwich. When challenged with the fact that the Bible says “fruit” specifically, the Doctor quickly noted that “fruit” can also imply what something/someone produces, stating that also in the Bible it says “by their fruits ye shall know them.”

At publishing time, studies showed the Chick-fil-a Chicken sandwich Deluxe was produced by the tree of life.

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