5 Surefire Ways to Own the Libs

We’ve all been there. You’ve run out of arguments, (or energy), while debating your liberal SNOWFLAKE coworker. But there’s only so much LOGIC and so many FACTS to go around. How are you supposed to MELT this FLAKY LIB?! We at PoliSauce have compiled five surefire ways to STEAMROLL your liberal PILES OF FLAKY SADNESS!

1. Recruit Ben Shapiro.

This tactic is a two-edged sword, to be sure. Not only is this man capable of spitting logical arguments at the speed of light, he is the target of every vicious anti-Semite currently in Congress. That makes him the offender AND the victim! Although, this may backfire depending on whether or not you happen to be arguing with his wife.

2. Literally MELT the lib SNOWFLAKES!

Studies show that if you stare at an ant for long enough through a magnifying glass, you can cook it like a pound of bacon. Simply magnify the faults of the SNOWFLAKE in question, and he/she will melt into the ground, never to be seen again.

3. Merriam-Webster Madness!

Fact-check every single word that comes out of your FLAKY LIB OPPONENT. If they use the word “literally” incorrectly, mispronounce the word “nuclear,” or simply misunderstand the subject of the debate, you can MELT them with FACTS and LOGIC with the assistance of your trusty MERRIAM-WEBSTER DICTIONARY!!!!

4. Rabbit Trails.

Nothing wins an argument like getting into a sub-argument. If they say they don’t care about the allegations against Joe Biden, turn it into a slam on their personal character. They will reciprocate in like manner, and then you can argue about who’s got better moral standards. This will evolve into a heated theological discussion, during which they renounce their position as a moderate liberal and transition into a radical SNOWFLAKE!! Which you can then proceed to STEAMROLL and MELT to your heart’s content!

5. Subscribe to PoliSauce.

Obviously, we’re experts at this. You’d better look no further than the PoliSauce crew for answers to your political questions. This is possibly the most effective option at your disposal, considering you’re reading this article anyway.

Well, there you have it. 5 ways to MELT SNOWFLAKES! Get out there and STEAMROLL the FLAKY PILES of LIBERAL TEARS!!

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