5 ways to immediately improve your cooking

Here are some handy dandy tips and tricks we here at Polisauce have put together. Whether you are cooking up a masterpiece, or just want to show off your cooking skills to your friends, we hope you enjoy them and use them wisely! Remember, unless you have home and health insurance, be safe in the kitchen!

  1. NEVER stay in the same room as your food

When cooking, you should start your food, immediately leave the room, and do not return until 1, you smell smoke, or 2, you see a fire. Once one (or both) of these things happen, your creation is done.

  1. Always do the exact opposite of what the directions say

For example, if the directions say “add 2 eggs” you should add 0 or 4 eggs.

  1. Only cook your chicken slightly

Undercooked chicken is key to success. Your chicken should have a nice big pink area inside. Cook for about 1-2 minutes on each side, then cut in half to make sure you didn’t overcook it.

  1. If you want to impress your guests, always double dip! Always!

Double dipping is a great strategy when getting people to notice your food. Simply, make your double-dipping very obvious. 

  1. When you drop a knife, dive for it

You never want your knives to hit the floor, they can make dents and scratches. Instead, sacrifice yourself for the greater good of your floor. Lighters, torches, and hot glassware are just a few other things you should make a point to catch.

Those are just some of the many ways to perfect your chef skills. Life is hard, so come to us for more surefire ways to make it harder.

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