New Research Shows Water is bad for health.

Over the years scientists have been carefully researching what is bad for humans’ health, in order to ensure that we get the nutrients we need to survive and be healthy. Although some research has been proven, the newest scientific developments are sure to blow your mind. Water, it has been found, is BAD for your health! All through the ages humans have mistakenly thought that water is the best liquid for people, topping even the most nutrient filled drinks such as Mountain Dew and Coke. But this is false according to Dr. Rich Pepper, who, when interviewed, said with confidence “Water is the worst drink that humans could possibly ingest, as it causes bloating and can easily go down a

lung if not swallowed properly.” When asked about a safe alternative to the harmful and possibly fatal liquid, he was “not sure” but quickly added that he and his collegues are “working night and day to come up with a safe drink for all mankind”. He then pulled out an aluminum can with a cool red logo and told reporters that he is “very close to a possible solution.”

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