Burger King Announces Highly Anticipated Nothingburger

Impossible Whopper doesn’t float your boat? Well, we have great news! This Saturday, Burger King will be implementing their highly reviewed Nothingburger at various test sites around America.

The sandwich will be an oxygen patty, sandwiched between two slices of air and slathered with their signature sauce*

Burger King franchisee Ali Abouelmagd said of the Nothingburger, “This is good for diet. American come eat Nothingburger every day for seven day, American lose many weights.” A seven-day plan proved him to be correct, although at the expense of the test subjects’ bank accounts.

The Nothingburger will be 10 bucks on the nose at your local Burger King starting this Saturday! Don’t waste any time! (Or air!) Get your Nothingburger while supplies last!

*We are unclear as to the nature of the signature sauce slathered upon the Nothingburger. However, some sources believe it will be a mysterious and wonderful concoction known as PoliSauce.

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