Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez introduces “The Blue New Deal”.

NY Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, introduced a new bill Wednesday. When asked about the details she proudly stated. “The Blue New Deal is a pledge that we will take steps to clean our oceans and save the turtles so that no one will be able to take fossil fuel money.” She then went on to say “sksksksksksss”, confusing Congress even more with her inanity. While Congress has not yet voted on the bill, AOC is positive it will pass. “It’s just my best idea ever, and it’s inspiring me so much! I have so many more great ideas!” She told reporters. A few of these ideas are, The Orange New Deal, The Pink New Deal, The Purple New Deal, and her personal favorite, The Fuchsia New Deal. When asked what the proposals would include, she responded that she’s “not quite sure” she just “really likes the scheme of it all”.

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