PoliSauce Inquires: How Is The Current Presidential Administration Performing During This Pandemic?

PoliSauce Inquires is a compilation of our interviews with 3 to 10 famous people. Politicians and entertainers, current and historical, good and bad. Today our question is:

How is the current Presidential administration performing during this pandemic?

Obama: We um believe uh um well, uh that, um the current president, uh um uh is, uh, doing slightly, uh um I would say, um under par.

President Trump: Our administration has been doing a great job, and we would like to thank all of the hard working men and women that have helped keep this country afloat during this time. Believe me, we are doing a fantastic job. Make. America. Great. Again.

AOC: The racist bigot Trump, who is not a good example to the public for their leadership and he’s a bigot and hates women, and that’s why the green new deal is better than this current stuff?

Biden: When I was part of the Eisenhower administration, or was it the Ford? No, they are a car company, maybe it was the, no, that can’t be right either, well it was one of them, you know, the thing.

Pelosi: *high pitched screaming* We couldn’t get a statement from the Speaker of the House before she flew away on her broom.

Those were just some of the answers we received. Come back for more questions by PoliSauce Inquires.

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