The Great White Shark – Racist?!

Due to recent surveys by PS editors, the legendary Great White Shark has, in fact, been racist propaganda hiding under our noses for centuries. While many other fish attempt to plagiarize superheroes like Superman (Flying fish), Venom (Viper Fish), and Mr. Fantastic (Puffer Fish), the Great White Shark has been skipping throughout man’s history waving his stupid, copied name right in front of our faces. What is the big deal, you might ask? Well, let us explain.

First off, white people have been given a bad reputation. The Great White Shark is a violent, selfish, carnivorous animal that takes pride in ruling the oceans. It doesn’t care if it takes a bite of a poor little minnow or a feisty electric eel, because it isn’t its job to care. Now, imagine the comparison, although subconscious, that is being drawn to white people! They are seen as greedy, self-centered bullies who are not safe to do business with. Oh my! This IS a big problem.

Secondly, as the name implies, this shark carries more than just a bad reputation for white people – it puts them in a higher position above others! The name alone, which is often even shortened to “Great White,” confirms it.

Now – considering the overwhelming evidence presented, I propose we rename the Great White Shark to a more suitable name – The Mediocre Slightly Caucasian Peaceful Shark (or just Medi-Cauc Shark for short).

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