How To Win Any Argument

Many of our readers probably wonder if there is a way to be sure that you will beat an opponent at ANY argument, and there is! Today we at PoliSauce have compiled 5 guaranteed ways to win. Hands down, every time.

1. Act like the other person is the one prologing the argument.

If someone seems to be getting the upper hand during your heated discourse, don’t worry. Simply say “I don’t want to argue any more” and walk away. No matter how wrong you are, you will come out like a peacemaker, and the dufus who decided to take you on will look like a total jerk.

2. Attack things they can’t change.

If you make fun of someone about height, facial features, finger hair, etc. You are sure to come out on top.

3. Call them a bigot

If your opponent is particularly logical, call them a bigot. Anyone, no matter how good, will break down crying after this crushing blow.

4. Hire a hitman

Self explanatory.

5. Justify yourself

If you know that your statements or thoughts, no matter how incredibly dumb they are, are right to you, then just know that God believes in you, even if what you think is in all ways biblically, logically, and factually incorrect.

And those are the 5 ways to win arguments! Come back later for more really bad advice about life!

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